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drumming drumming drumming drumming drumming drumming drumming
Transform your team, motivate your people, uplift your audience. New Zealand,  Australia, Indonesia, Singapore
Corporate Drumming
WOW your event with our world class drumming entertainment and more. New Zealand, Australia & Asia
Drum Therapy course material, Learn to play & teach African rhythms, mindfulness, meditation and more.
Community Drumming
Competitive selection of African drums and accessories. Make your own drum, build your community
InRhythm Store
drumming drumming drumming drumming drumming drumming drumming

For groups of of any size New Zealand wide!

Welcome to InRhythm - A dynamic drumming company offering team building activities, drum facilitator training and community drumming programs throughout New Zealand, Australia & Indonesia. Our mission is to help people, communities & organisations connect, become present and thrive through the power of rhythm.

Drum Facilitator Training

Can you clap your hands to the beat?... Do you have an interest in the power of music to heal?... Would you like to facilitate therapeutic drum circles?

These are the only requirements needed to take the resources we will give you and the skills we will teach you and use them to run powerful ongoing programs within your organisation and/or local community.

Team Building Activities

Our exciting world-class team drumming events are the perfect analogy that illustrate what it takes to be an effective team and to show how working as a team achieves objectives. We know that team spirit is the breath that drives exceptional teamwork. Here are some of our team building ideas. Team building at work was never this much fun.

Work Motivation

Motivation at work is essential to exceptional team work. By boosting staff morale a team can achieve desired outcomes and objectives far more effectively. Our team drumming events are perfect for staff motivation, stress release and immense fun!

Ice Breakers and Energizers

Ice breakers and energizers that literally work within minutes. Our world-class icebreakers and energizers are sought after by MICE organizers and event planners throughout Asia Pacific. They run from as little as 5 minutes to a 2 hour program and are suitable in any corporate setting and any size group..

Staff Incentives

Want to increase give your staff a gift? Try our interactive drumming entertainment. We can also offer you a staff reward take home drum for every person.

Community Drumming in New Zealand 

Find your groove, meet great people, get fit and feel fantastic! If you are looking for community drumming classes from Auckland to Wellington, we'll show you how to enter the NZ drumming community and find whats right for you!

School Drumming Programs Across New Zealand

With a drum or percussion instrument in each child's hand we lead your students on a magical, exciting journey into African music that's more than just immense fun! The events are very educational and perfect for helping social skills, confidence levels, self esteem, stress levels and much more!

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