An InRhythm energizer drumming event for 300 Mihuzo staff just bought the house down!

We are just on our way back from this awesome event and couldn't help to share what happened.

Mihuzo ( A Japanese Bank) wanted to create a staff reward, staff incentive day for their team.

The event being about "reaching your potential for customers" needed to show staff how they themselves could reach their potential.

Enter InRhythm. The 300 staff did look a little tired sitting in their seats a...

The InRhythm Drummers rocked the socks off the Golden Slipper in Rose Hill. our high energy African drumming group gave a full costumed spectacular for the awards at the race.

The feedback from organiser Douglas Fabian Productions tells the tail:


"I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you for the involvement of InRhythm in the on-course spectacular held prior to the running of this years Golden Slipper.

The event ran very smoothly and I greatly appreciated...

"The guys from InRhythm were fantastic.

They brought with them the energy, facilitation skills and enthusiasm the event needed to make sure it was enjoyable and that all the audience participated. They arrived on time, were flexible, and extremely friendly. It was like they were long time friends!

Unfortunately though, the fact that this was a major highlight of this year's conference now means it is likely that we may not be able to top this one for next year's conference!!

Will definite...

Recently the teachers at Carlingford West Public School got a big surprise when they were handed an African drum to play. Each of the 40 teachers didn't know what hit them! They had an absolutely amazing experience and were rewarded for their hard efforts over the last 2 years.

Bring InRhythm to your school for the teachers and the students.

About the Group Teachers

Ok so how does a Flight Centre Grand Opening Party really take off? With a whole lot of drumming by InRhythm.   ...

With 1000 guests and a whole lot of great vibes we got the party started with our world-class corporate drumming entertainment. InRhythm proudly partnered with CI Events to help make this event great.

Find out why leading companies throughout Australia, Bali, Indonesia and Singapore love to Get InRhythm.




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