community drumming

"The course was great, very relevant to our work with students who have experienced trauma. The presentation was excellent, well paced, supportive and really demonstrated the purpose of drum circles. The handouts were great and I have started using them with my staff and students. The most valuable aspects of the course were the supportive culture that Tim developed with all the participants and the simplicity of the signals and the opportunity to practice these in this supportive environment. Thanks Tim. Your ability to put us all at ease and build that supportive culture in such a short amount of time was valuable. We are all energised to include drumming with our staff and students as we could really value the benefits after our weekend training. "

Delphine Annett | School Principal 

"The handouts are really clear and concise. The InRhythm philosophy is embedded in it every step of the way and I like that.The emphasis on the therapeutic element of rhythm, particularly presence. What stood out for me was that Tims way of being encapsulates what he delivers in every way. I also appreciated the clarity of the information and having a clear frame to deliver is helpful as a starting point. Access to the backing track and all the support afterwards is so valuable I cant wait to check out the resources centre and revise with videos. And I cant wait to put it into practice. It was an introduction to a way of being. Keep up the good work. I loved the workshop, and Tim, you are a living treasure"

Alyson Welch | Counsellor

I absolutely LOVED the training - perhaps the best and definitely the most nurturing training I have ever done! Tim, you were sooooo inspiring - both from a professional perspective and a personal one. So much of what you were teaching me in terms of wellbeing for students, also resonated loudly with me! I can't wait to start including all I have learnt and building on my skills.

*What do you feel were the most valuable aspects of the course?*
The link between music/drumming and elements of wellbeing was masterful to me! What a great way to teach students to see their stresses as something that can be felt and will pass (advice I need to listen to myself!) My students will, I am sure, benefit greatly from this way of thinking and being.

*What do you think were the least valuable aspects of the course?*
Absolutely nothing! 

Thank you so much for an engaging and enriching weekend that fed my soul and inspired me to go back to my school and do better! There are 31 students who will benefit immediately - if I can just manage to successfully pass on some of your knowledge, kindness and soul!! 

Allison Connell | School Teacher

".....Exceeded my expectations, both in how much I enjoyed and personally benefited from the two days, and from a learning new skills perspective. The course itself was well planned and delivered, content was at a very appropriate level - very stimulating, but not overwhelming. I loved the experiential nature of the weekend. As participants we ourselves experienced first hand how powerful and beneficial drumming circles can be. Tim's knowledge, warmth, encouragement and humility were key to my enjoyment of the weekend. Tim created a very safe space and we all responded to his generosity of spirit. The beautiful venue and location were added benefits."

Sara Beresford Terry | Principal Counsellor

"Bongos can be used as a form of relaxation and peace. There was no judgment and I could just be me. The games were great for me to use and take back to the children I work with for some exciting music experiences."

Tegan Geddes | Childcare Worker

"Tim has a way to get you in the rhythm and to feel the empowerment the African drumming can bring to your whole life. The most valueable part of the course for me was the at ease approach, the suggested ways to incorporate it into our daily professional lives. The opportunity to be yourself and to be expressive."

Mandy Moore | Director of Child Care Facility

"What an amazing weekend, the course exceeded my expectations, I met some beautiful people and Tim was absolutely amazing, he gave clear and precise instructions and adapted his teaching techniques when needed, he made everyone feel comfortable and made learning so much fun. I am holding my first drumming session tomorrow with friends, can't wait. Thank you Tim, you're one in a million 😊 "

Monica Gimenez 

"The InRhythm facilitator training was such a memorable, positive and transformational experience (both professionally and personally). Tim is inspirational! From a music teachers perspective, the 8 week program is well-constructed, user friendly and adaptable to cater for anyone of any age and any ability level."

Anna Dart | Music Specialist Teacher

'I cannot speak highly enough of this experience.  Tim's caring nature shines through and immediately made me ( and I'm sure the other participants) feel at ease and relaxed.  I was amazed by how quickly everyone 'gelled' and played in sync with each other. I can't wait to implement what I've learnt on this course at my workplace, with my students and colleagues. A truly transformative will not believe just how good this course makes you feel.  Tim's passion and enthusiasm for drumming is completely infectious....everyone should take this course.'

Marcus Brown | Teacher of Design Technology

This weekend was a valuable time to learn to facilitate an activity which I believe will enhance the wellness of  clients in any setting.

Donna Hoolihan | Beenleigh SHS

"The entire weekend brought me so much Joy at a time that it was really needed for me. I was so grateful to learn from Tim. His teaching style was brilliant and I have taken away such a love of drumming. I think my neighbours and dog might disagree however, I might be able to fix that with an offering of set of ear plugs. Thank you Tim for sharing your love of drumming. The course is one that I will highly recommend to others. I really look forward to have an ongoing connection with the InRhythm community. I found the group size to be a perfect way to learn and then practice in. The ability to share stories and make connections was a wonderful aspect of the course for me. The content is so practical and I have already used newly learnt skills twice in the following week. I really enjoyed the link to mindfulness which is something I can also put into my daily teaching practice."

Soraia Barry | School Teacher

Very good course ;well-structured and very good notes to follow through on running our own program. Excellent instructions from facilitator in details about communicating with a group when running a workshop.

Sandra|James Ruse AHS

"Loved the course, felt very passionate about it. Met all my expectations, resources are useful and detailed enough, but not too difficult to understand or get caught up in theory. Learned so much in the practical sessions while just having fun.

I highly recommend Inrhythm training courses and activities to everyone. They are great for children of all ages, and the staff who work with them, corporate groups and people looking for a fun way to enhance teamwork. Young, old, musically talented, tone deaf, rhythmically challenged or professional. Tim and his team make drumming so fun, you don't even realise you're learning. Instruction happens in a safe and playful environment, where everyone's individual creativity is encouraged and celebrated. The connection between the group creates a powerful instrument to implement immediate and lasting change. After completing the Facilitator Course I have begun teaching my own workshops. Drumming is the way of the future! Thanks InRhythm. "

Cara McInerney | Learning & Support Teacher

"Thank you so much Tim...the weekend surpassed my expectations and filled in the gaps for me. I can't stop tapping the rhythms and beats... 

Monique Jerome | Learning & Support Teacher

"You never know what to expect on training but this will far exceed your expectations. A friendly, open and experiential style of teaching which creates a passion in you to drum. Tim's calm and collaborative approach to teaching makes you leave wanting to share it with others and practice your new skills with pride.  By the end of the course you have a sense of connection with the other participates and  after continue to feel that you are part of a InRhythm community . Thanks again. 

I enjoyed the experiential style of teaching. Great that there was a range of drums to try. The learning manuals are helpful to take away. It's good that there are different levels you can grow your skills moving forward on line. Great balance of personal and professional learning."

Jess Nicol | Counsellor

This course has opened up so many valuable pathways.  It was the most enjoyable thing I've ever done with a group and absolutely brought out the best in everyone!! 

Melissa McCarey | Special Needs & Parent Support Coordinator

"The Inrhythm workshop is an engaging, inclusive and introspective weekend where participants are invited to contribute both physically and spiritually through the medium of drumming. People of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are welcome and walk away with a deeper sense of the personal benefits that making music can offer, as well as access to a program to continue this mission. 

The course exceeded my expectations, as I wasn't entirely sure what to expect coming in. Having a musical background and with a skill set already in drumming (albeit on a kit), I had hoped that I could come away with something tangible I could implement. i walked away not only with this, but also a sense of purpose, a direction and an enthusiasm to start this at my school."

Pat Douglas | Classroom Teacher

"Was an informative, magical weekend. Tim gave us all easy to implement, practical tools that i have already used for work. I found the level 2 training help further my thirst for knowledge around rhythms and group leading. By the end of the weekend I felt like i had made friends for life with the other participants  and highly recommend training with Tim from Inrhythm"

Jason Hand

"I attended a seminar where Tim presented some body percussion sessions to enhance mindfulness and I was blown away.  I had to do one of these courses! My expectation was that I would be the only 'mature', musically inept person on the course and that I would struggle with keeping up and perhaps make a fool of myself. 

These anxieties and others were dispelled in the first ten minutes!  The group was a fabulous blend of ages, interests and backgrounds. 

Tims' leadership was exemplary. His integrity in showing grace, kindness, skill, inclusion and humor toward each of us, created the very environment he initially described.  This was to be a safe, sharing place to explore the many aspects and benefits of drumming and to have FUN! 

My confidence and enjoyment grew with each hour.  I am certain that with the readily available support of InRhythm,  I will be able to facilitate fun, therapeutic drumming sessions for the many people I work with through the joyful medium of the Djembe." 

Suzanne Gallagher | Chaplain

'Highly recommend this wonderful, fun and educational training!'

Olivia | Norther Rivers Kids Counselling

'What were the most valuable aspects of the course?'
When given a chance on many occasions to facilitate the whole group this gave me a better understanding of what will be needed to teach back at my center, all the short games have allowed me to do some one on one work and some fun games with a larger group. I also felt the meditation was of value teaching the calmness that can be feel after drumming 

'What recommendations do you have for enhancing this course?'
I can not think of anything you can add to the course to make it better, the course met all my expectations and gave me the knowledge and confidence to facilitate my own class.

'Any further comments?'
Have started using the program and the students have responded well. As we don't have any drums yet we have been successfully using our bodies and stools to make the music.

'Would you like to offer a testimonial?'
This was the best training I have every completed as we not only learnt drumming techniques but self calming through drumming and meditation. 

Naomi | School Service Officer

'I can highly recommend Inrhythm Facilitators Course as an ideal system of presenting drumming to school and community groups. It was enjoyable weekend and we left with new tools to try out and develop.'

Cynthia | Unity Drummers Bundaberg

"Inrhythm training focuses on fun through connection whilst bringing an awareness of each individual's own identity. Time out from life to just be! As a Facilitator the joy you share with others is wonderful and the valuable training you receive from Inrhythm gives you the confidence to do things you never thought you could!"

Diane | Public School Teacher 

“The kids were great. They were just in the zone and really responded to having an audience. It was really well received by everyone and it was amazing how much the group developed over the eight weeks. We all finished on a high and it was fabulous to see the kids so happy! Can't wait to do it again next year.”

Christine | Public School Teacher 

"The course was awesome; I got a lot out of it. Not just to teach but for myself in my own life. Highly recommended."

Dallas | Residential Services Coordinator

"This training is going to be so beneficial for my organisation and on top of that I had FUN at the same time!! I'll be using what I learnt not only professionally but personally as well :)"

Cherise | Youth Worker

"Tim facilitates with honesty and integrity! The course had a beautiful ebb and flow and the handouts are clear and concise. The location was fabulous no matter where you are from in Sydney or in my case the Central Coast, was actually perfect for a weekend away too!........ Was just fabulous am definitely looking forward to putting it all into action!"

Samantha McAlpine | Owner & Facilitator @ The Tranquil Tipi


"Thank you very much for your time and assisting me learn how to drum with one hand. 
I can now teach drumming to both our regular youth and youth with disabilities. Tim, I cant thank you enough for your time and efforts. Its greatly appreciated!"

Mary-Anne | Youth Services Worker

"This program is exactly what I have been searching for.....Thank you!."

Diane | School Support Officer 

“After completing the amazing and life changing experience of InRhythm Drumming Facilitator Training, I was speechless after co-facilitating a workshop for my fellow Council employees who, through the common pulse of a drumming session, relaxed, became present and experienced the power of rhythm. It put a smile on every face and even the most conservative walked out with new perspectives.”

Kirsty O’Meley | Community Development Officer

"I first started training with InRhythm over three years ago and my life will never be the same.

I started as a drummer and have now become a facilitator capable of transforming all kinds of events into something that people feel connected and included in and everyone leaves smiling. Since my training I have started my own drumming courses and my community is constantly growing. I now run rhythmic corporate team building events, connecting staff on a level that returns wonderful feedback, from 8 to 800 people. I have run community drum circles at festivals for hundreds of people at a time as well as lead small percussion troops in performance. No matter what the event Inrhythm have given me the skills to create a wonderful, musical event, regardless of the musical ability of the people involved.

My skills and experience given by InRhythm has been one of the most personally satisfying parts of my life."

Ben Kidson | Drum For Your Life

Being a drum circle facilitator has taught me a huge amount about community and how to create a welcoming, safe space in which people feel not only comfortable but, ultimately, joyful in expressing themselves through the shared energy of music. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to open up that kind of experience for others.

Alex Barry | Community Drum Circle Facilitator