Our therapeutic Drum Circle Facilitator Training is a powerful & unique skill set to add to your mental wellness toolkit.

Can you clap your hands to the beat?

Do you have an interest in the power of music to heal?

Would you like to facilitate powerful, therapeutic rhythm sessions?

This is all you will need to take the exclusive resources we will give you and the facilitation skills we will teach you and use them to run powerful ongoing programs within your organisation and/or local community. Our approach is cutting edge and caters for complete beginners through to intermediate participants.

If you would like to discuss any specific questions please don't hesitate to enquire now on 021 329 069 or Email.

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The History Of Our Training

Our Drum Circle Facilitator Training Program was created in 2004 after a swift rise in interest and engagement of InRhythm sessions across Australia within a broad range of service areas.

These service areas included, the corporate sector, schools, youth agencies, the general community, special needs organisations and child care.

The InRhythm Facilitator Training Program was rolled out in-house to train and accredit InRhythm facilitators to meet the growing demand.

After huge success the program was adapted to cater for external service providers within their own organisations and is on offer for independent use within your own communities and organisations.

Why are Drum Circles so effective?

Community drumming is a vehicle that can empower the human spirit, realign the body's energy system, stimulate creativity, build community, foster team spirit, promote healing and enhance general wellbeing and quality of life. (check out some research here)

InRhythm’s Drum Circle Facilitator Training will equip you and your staff with the skills needed to lead a group of people into empowerment, inspiration, improving health, wellbeing, and immense joy all through the transformative power of rhythm and meditation.



 community drumming

It was amazing how much the group developed over the eight weeks. We all finished on a high and it was fabulous to see the kids so happy! Can’t wait to do it again next year.’

Christine - Public School Teacher

‘The course was awesome; I got a lot out of it. Not just to teach but for myself in my own life. Highly recommended.’

Dallas - Residential Services Coordinator

This program is exactly what I have been searching for.Thank you!.’

Diane - School Support Officer 

“After personally completing the amazing and life changing experience of InRhythm Drumming Facilitator Training, I was speechless after co-facilitating a workshop for my fellow Council employees who, through the common pulse of a drumming session, relaxed, became present and experienced the power of rhythm. It put a smile on every face and even the most conservative walked out with new perspectives.”

Kirsty | Council Community Development Officer