We proudly partner with Corporate Theatre Productions to create unforgettable corporate entertainment.

Recently Parsons Brinckeroff Consulting Firm were looking to party and let off some steam - Enter InRhythm at the Perth Zoo. Check it out:

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lift the spirits of the guests! InRhythm Drummers and Dancers will perform as guests arrive at the venue, to create an awesome start to the event and create an atmosphere in which will fit pe...


  • About The Group

    21 Construction Workers in a Brisbane based company

  • Desired Outcomes/Objectives

    A fun drumming event to end the 8 day leadership training program, including a free drum for every team member as a staff reward / incentive....

If you’re planning a corporate event, don’t make it the usual ho-hum, cold-cut and cold-drink affair. Heat it up and get your employees’ blood pumping with world-class drumming entertainment by InRhythm.

Serving Australia, Indonesia and Singapore, InRhythm offers the most unique and engaging entertainment for corporate events available today. Our African drumming shows feature world-class drumming entertainment, including solo and group drumming, additional percussion instruments, and A...

Ever heard the saying, “He marches to a different drummer?” Most leaders and people in management have had to deal with staff members who clearly march to a different beat. Whether that drummer is themselves or someone outside of your team, the key to leadership is knowing how to help them become part of the rhythm and pace of your team.

So how do you get those unique individuals to fall in and begin marching to the rhythm of the rest of the group? By attending our customized leadership progr...

Your Company + InRhythm = ENERGY!

In the corporate environment, the workload and deadlines can begin to weigh heavily on employees, making them feel sluggish and weighed down. When they get to that point, not even the coffee can give them the jump-start they need. Before they know it, they’re out of energy and enthusiasm, and the world is looking a dull shade of grey. Enter InRhythm.

Our interactive drumming sessions are the perfect energizer to rev up the people in your organization, get th...

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